Bible School On Wheels Kit


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Inside each Bible School on Wheels Box is:

#1:Dean Training Module Video and Booklet

#2:The Official TEN Training Center Plaque

#3:The BSOW Year #1 SuperBooks (10)

#4:The Course Case, 5 Core Course DVDs, and Course Loan Booklet

#5:The BSOW Launch Event 6th DVD with 10 Course Promotional Videos

#6:The BSOW Launch Brochures (100)

#7:The Samples of Course Publicity and Free Gifts on each Course Materials Disk

#8:The Certificates of Achievement (10)

#9 The Bible School On Wheels Poster

#10:The Annual BSOW Course Schedule 

Our goal is to equip you with everything you need to become a successful Dean and an Official TEN Training Center. So why not join the global movement of Teach Every Nation by becoming an official TEN Training Center and lead your Bible School as the Dean!